AdHoc Group Against Crime – Community Guardian Awards

The AdHoc Group Against Crime was founded by Alvin Brooks and other concerned citizens in 1977. Initially the group was formed in response to the unsolved murders of ten African American women. Today the AdHoc Group continues to serve by working with the citizens of this community and with law enforcement to facilitate solving crimes and acting as a voice for crime victims. The Sixth Annual Community Guardian Awards Celebration and 83rd Birthday Celebration for Alvin Brooks was held on May 6, 2015. It was an opportunity for the organization to present awards to individuals and organizations that are committed to making our community safe.

We believe very strongly in the mission of The AdHoc Group Against Crime and we are happy to extend our support. Serving our community is one of the Morris familiy’s primary values. We, along with Astral Industries, have been sponsors of the Community Guardian Awards since their inception six years ago.